Simon prides himself on his precision cutting and keeps up to date with latest techniques and will advise you on the best cut for your hair type and style. Simon named the salon “Rapport” as he believes in establishing a good rapport with his clients to achieve the best result. Both Simon and Allison are experienced stylists who have worked through all the hair fashions through the 80s, 90s, 00s and up to today and have expert knowledge of classic styles that work. It’s helpful for new clients, or existing clients looking for a re-style to have a consultation and to bring along a picture of a hairstyle they would like as a starting point, this helps with client/stylist communication. Please see our Gallery to see examples of our cutting work.

Hairdresser holds scissors and comb in his hand and cuts the ends of hair. Copy space
Blonde woman dyeing her hair at the salon. She is sitting and the hairdresser/hairstylist is putting hair color on her hair. This is regular hair care treatment in customers favorite salon.


Rapport offers all aspects of hair colouring from the minimum of colour to cover greys to full head colours with everything in between – traditional high/low lights, easi-meche etc. A consultation is always recommended, and a colour patch test is always required. Check out our Gallery to see some examples of our colour work.

Style & Care

Finishing the hair after a cut or colour is important to Simon as he believes that after care is key. Simon will instruct clients on how to blow dry their new style and his course of blow dry lessons to teach clients how to look after their hair between cuts has proved popular. Simon and Allison can also advise on appropriate hair care products.

Female client in beauty salon. Close-up of hairdressers hand drying blond hair with hair dryer and round brush, doing professional hairstyle
The hairdresser does a haircut with scissors of hair to a young girl in a beauty salon.


Simon trained with Trevor Sorbie MBE and joined his “My New Hair’ initiative however is no longer able to supply wigs. Simon does offer a discreet, professional wig personalisation service by quotation.

Home Visiting

Occasionally Simon closes the Salon earlier on a Thursday to take the opportunity to visit loyal clients but who are unable to make it into the salon for their appointment.

Man getting haircut in barber shop